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Final Steps To A US Police State- “Federalize” Local Law Enforcement

First Step: Undermine a Nations Morality. This will lead to God’s judgement and in our case making the US Constitution irrelevant. God’s patience has a limit, and eventually He will remove His hand and allow judgement to fall. And if you think “being a Christian” will spare you from God’s wrath, I would encourage you to read the Old Testament Prophets whom chronicled Israel’s many captivity’s throughout their existence. There was always a rement brought back to the land, but it was after EVERYONE was killed or taken into captivity first.

Second Step: Install a government controlled “fiat monetary system” and “fractional reserve banking” in order to create an ever-increasing class within society that becomes dependent on the government. The inflation the ever-increasing fiat money necessarily causes, simultaneously undermines the currency (Cloward and Piven). Every time a good crisis comes along that cannot be allowed to go to waste…we just print more. When private financial institutions make very poor  investments, and then are deemed “to big to fail”, their PRIVATE debts are transferred DIRECTLY to the tax payer in the form of bailouts and stimulus packages. Now the taxpayer is “enslaved” to ludicrous amounts of debt, $1.2 quadrillion in derivatives market debt alone. Currencies can be re-valued, currencies can even be changed, but eventually, all of it leads to DEFAULT.

Thrid Step: Control the masses with “bread and circuses” by controlling the media.

Fourth Step: While 90% of the country is distracted with bread and circuses (sports, work, church, etc) Legislate the Police State in the name of a prominent Boogy Man of the day. In Orwell’s “1984” the boogy man was Emmanuel Goldstein. For us it WAS Bin Laden. Guess they will have to define a new boogy man…oh wait they have.. its tea party patriots.

In the name of terrorism we saluted the flag while Congress passed the Patriot Act, Warner Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, and several Executive Orders, in the name of fighting Bin Laden.

Fifth Step:  “Federalize” local police. Arm them to the hilt with the money that was supposed to go towards “fixing” the economy via federal grants.

Sixth Step: Wait for (or create) “THE emergency” capable of starting widespread panic. And I stop at 6, because according to scriptures, 6 is the number of man. I reserve the 7th for God because 7 is the number of perfection, it is God’s number. And only God can save us from whatever happens next.

Get mad at Obama for speeding things up if you wish, but this all started with Bush. immediately after 9/11. We all know about the Patriot Act, NDAA, etc. But did you know Bush created NORTHCOM?

“In 2002, President Bush signed a new Unified Command Plan (UCP) establishing NORTHCOM.  NORTHCOM is a regional combatant command with an area of responsibility (AOR) that includes the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and surrounding waters out to approximately 500 nautical miles, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida.

NORTHCOM’s mission is to “anticipate and conduct Homeland Defense and Civil Support operations within the assigned area of responsibility to defend, protect, and secure the United States and its interests.”

The NORTHCOM Commander also commands North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), a bi-national U.S. and Canadian organization charged with air and maritime warning and airspace control”

Organization Chart for Department of Defense (DOD). As you can see NorthCom is listed as a unit under the DOD. Leon Panetta is the Secretary of Defense (ie the Secretary of the Department of Defense) and he reports directly to President Obama, as Obama is the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Sevices.

Department of Homeland Security

“Department of Homeland Security was created through the integration of all or part of 22 different Federal departments and agencies into a unified, integrated Department, and how DHS has become a more effective and integrated Department, creating a strengthened homeland security enterprise and a more secure America that is better equipped to confront the range of threats we face.” DHS website.

Department of Homeland Security now comprises:

US Coast Guard, FEMA, ICE, US Secret Service, TSA, Border Patrol, (and other agencies).

So it would seem NorthCom and Homeland Security’s mission are virtually identical. NorthCom is “military” (part of the Defense Department) and Homeland Security is “civil” (department of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government).

BOTH report directly to the POTUS.

And let’s not forget, DHS just ordered 450 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition.

Did you notice on the DHS orgchart that Janet Napalitano (Secretary of DHS) has a Chief of Staff. His name is Noah Kroloff. According to the DHS orgchart Kroloff has a “military advisor” that reports to him. That advisor is Coast Guard Rear Admiral Fred M. Midgette.

Wanna take a wild guess what military agency is on his resume?

From 2008-2010 Midgette served as the Coast Guard’s liaison officer to US Northern Command (or NorthCom).

And the Department of Defence openly admitted in 2008 that since NorthCom and Department of Homeland Security’s missions were practically identical that they would begin doing joint intelligence.


Let’s not leave out the Department of Justice. Though historically DOJ’s mission has been to prosecute and enforce Federal law, it would seem according to its’ own website that DOJ’s mission is now also homeland security.

So that means that ALL the agencies under the DOJ umbrella including FBI, ATF, US Marshalls, DEA, and since the 2006 Patriot Act, the National Security Division (NSD).   “highest priority” is combating terrorism. And yes, the DOJ ALSO reports directly to the POTUS.

“The mission of the National Security Division is to carry out the Department’s [of Justice] highest priorityto combat terrorism and other threats to national security” “National” security and “Homeland” security are the same thing.

So to quickly summarize: the mission’s of NORTHCOM, Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice are all identical: homeland security. You would think we had Russian Troops invading to have so much firepower alloted to the homeland…oh yeah, that’s right we do.

But didn’t President Obama recently tell us that the war on terror was over?

So I ask my readers; now that Homeland Security is armed, and is arming local police departments with armored vehicles, automatic weapons, body armor, riot gear etc.. isn’t it time to admit that Homeland Security is simply the 5th branch of the military that is exempt from the Posse Comitatus Act written in the 1800’s?

Atlanta Police S.W.A.T. members searched a building for a shooting suspect in July of 2010. (John Bazemore)

http://www.examiner.com/article/dhs-trolling-for-terrorists-or-just-aunt-maude DHS watching you on the internet.

http://www.alaskadispatch.com/article/young-meets-atf-about-agents-asking-alaska-gun-shops-books ATF agents asking for customer lists at gunshops.

http://www.transcom.mil/jecc/read.cfm?id=8822 May 2012 Exercise Chesapeake focused on military rapid response and support to a homeland defense operation scenario, employing the Defense Support of Civil Authorities process.

http://www.mackinac.org/article.aspx?ID=11313 $129 Million Grant from DHS to Michigan State Police



ANDRE TEAGUE/BRISTOL HERALD COURIER – The Bristol Virginia SWAT team arrives in their armored car as other officers take positions during a standoff last year.


http://www.unionleader.com/article/20120326/NEWS07/703269971 New Hampshire gets DHS Grant for Bearcat Armored Vehicle




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Is Patrick McHenry the best we can do?

McHenry voted for NDAA, voted for allowing Homeland Security to regulate our 1st Amendment rights, and abstained from voting on CISPA which will force companies to share your internet activity with Federal agencies.

Is this really the leader we want in the 10th District, representing you in DC?

Monday, April 30, 2012


AWOL congressman should reimburse

taxpayers for failing to do his job

  U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry should reimburse taxpayers for missing more than 30 percent of the votes cast by his colleagues in the past month.

 McHenry missed 31.8 percent of the votes cast in the House of Representatives so far in the second quarter of 2012, according to government records.

  “Patrick McHenry apparently thinks it’s more important to raise tens of thousands of dollars from special interest groups and to run for reelection than to responsibly do the job the people elected him to do,” said Ken H. Fortenberry, who is challenging McHenry in the May 8 Republican primary. “I think he needs to write a check back to the taxpayers for his failure to do his job.”

  Fortenberry said that McHenry’s closest colleagues in the House, Reps. Virginia Foxx and Sue Myrick, missed none of the votes during the same period.

  “Clearly, McHenry once again thinks his top priority is to get reelected, not fulfill the responsibilities of the important job the people entrusted him with for the past eight years,” said Fortenberry.

  “While his colleagues in the House have voted on some very critical issues facing our country during the past month, Mr. McHenry has been negligently AWOL. I think he’s afraid to vote because he is in the reelection fight of his political career and doesn’t have the guts to take a stand,” said Fortenberry.

  “If Mr. McHenry isn’t going to represent the people of the 10th District, I’d like to borrow the office for a couple of years,” said Fortenberry.


http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/patrick_mchenry/400644                 http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/members/M001156/votes/

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CBS News-Milwaukee Red Cross Told To Prep For Chicago Evacuation During NATO Summit

See CBS story here.

Don’t forget Fox has already reported (click here) on Military Drills with armored helicopters in Chicago, and that citizens may NOT BE ALLOWED access to their homes during this summit.

In fact, in the past 6 months to a year, all of these things have happened:

Leon Panetta, the Secretary of Defense, under oath, testified that the US Senate/Congress is SUBJECT TO the authority of the UN Security Council. Click here

Homeland Security and several other Federal Agencies have purchased millions of rounds of combat grade ammunition. Click here 

The US Military is conducting (openly) drills that pit them against unruly American citizens. Click here

Obama signed an Executive Order granting INTERPOL (International Police Organization) diplomatic immunity. Click here

Obama has stated publicly, he will use Governors to by-pass Congress. Click here

Votes in the US National Elections will now be counted by A FOREIGN company. Click here

Russian Troops will be on American soil for the first time in the same time frame as the NATO summit. Click here

Congress passed the Enemy Expatriation Act that can strip US Citizens of their citizenship. click here

Congress passed the NDAA which permits the President to detain or kill US Citizens if they are terrorists. click here

Congress passed a law that allows Homeland Security to regulate your 1st Amendment rights. click here

The TSA is conducting checkpoints in TN (click here), TSA announced they will be riding buses in Texas (click here), and DOJ threatened to “blockade” Texas if they passed anti-groping bill. (click here)

And the Senate has already PASSED a highway bill that will allow the IRS to revoke our passports click here

Ron Paul is warning us to beware a possible false flag operation by our government. If you do not know what a “false flag” is please do an internet search on the term. It is a common tool used by governments to create a crisis, that only they in turn can resolve, and they go back to the days of Jesus!

Is there an announcement of some kind coming from this summit that US citizens may not tolerate? Is this why the police state seems to be accelerating at such a dramatic rate in the last year?

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Why does INTERPOL need diplomatic immunity, and why should that chill you to your bones?

I heard Sen. Paul speak about Obama’s executive order this morning on the Mike Church show. This is the first time I have heard about this, however National Review did cover it.


Why should this chill your spine? If INTERPOL can now operate in the US with immunity, what would stop them from operating like they did in Malaysia on the behalf of Saudi Arabia? This journalist faces the death penalty for “apostacy” for making comments about Muhammad.


Between the provisions of NDAA that DO apply to US citizens, the still active Enemy Expatriation Act, Homeland Security being on every plane, bus, and highway…when will our State representatives wake up and begin asserting their authority to protect us from Mordor on the Potomac? Please at least pass along the information and ideas in this post to your state elected officials while there is still some state sovereignty left!


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Constitutional Lawyer Suggests NDAA Allows US Citizens To Be Tried In A UN Court!

This is a 30 minute crash course detailing how your Constitutional Rights have been trampled when the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, or NDAA for short, was passed. Thank you to Adam Adask for blogging this earlier. Don’t forget, Attorney General Eric Holder, Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Sen. John McCain have agreed that this bill DOES give the POTUS the “legal basis” necessary to kill US Citizens abroad.

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CNN: Sen. Harry Reid admits NDAA gives President power to assasinate US Citizens overseas.

For those that are keeping score, that is at least two senior government officials that have admitted openly that if you are an US citizen overseas, and you are declared a terrorist, you no longer posses your God Given right to due process as laid down in the Bill of Rights. The first was US Attorney General Eric Holder. The pertinent discussion is approx 9 minutes into video.

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My Top 10 Reasons the USA is NO LONGER under Constitutional Law

During George Bush Sr’s Presidency he uttered words similar to this in countless speeches. I am sure most folks had no idea what he was talking about at the time, but I think we are starting to see now that he was not joking around.

When the highest ranking military officer by law (General Dempsy) AND the Secretary of Defense (Leon Panetta) testify  before a US Senator that the “legal basis” for armed conflict against another nation is ANYTHING other than the US Congress, it is finally time to admit that the “conspiracy” phase of the New World Order is OVER! Oh I forgot, Cass Sunstein, Obama’s head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs says there are no conspiracies.

And honestly, that’s refreshing.

Because at least now it is out in the open, and we can start focusing on the real issues instead of who will or will not be our next President. Because if the UN controls our military, what does it matter who the President is? Please, if you have not watched the above video, watch it.

These two men, General Dempsy, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Leon Panetta Secretary of Defense (appointed by Obama), whom both know and swore an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution, have announced to every American citizen that our elected Congress no longer decides when or where our military is deployed, the UN and/or NATO does.

As far as I know the US Constitution has not been amended to transfer war powers to the UN or NATO, these two men simply decreed it. I say “these two men”, but that is not entirely fair. General Demsey and Leon Panetta are simply following orders… but whose orders? That’s a much more important question to answer than whether or not companies will be forced to pay for birth control; because if the Congress is now simply ceremonial, then our votes are truly meaningless.

Here is a small list of bullets, with corresponding documentation, that in my opinion, strongly suggest  a bloodless American coup has ALREADY taken place:

  • A sitting US President openly asserts, in writing, he DID NOT need to consult Congress before he took military action against Libya, he needed the UN Security Council’s permission.
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly calls for the US to support and ratify a UN Small Arms Treaty that would “federalize” gun ownership and permitting, effectively rendering the 2nd Amendment null and void.
  • The CIA and DEA caught repeatedly laundering drug money from Iran and Mexico.
  • American Express Bank, and Wachovia (now part of Wells Fargo) settled out of court, and paid millions in fines, for laundering drug money from Mexico. Money that has funded tens of thousands of deaths on the border. (Bank of America and HSBC have both been involved in laundering as well, but have not as of yet been charged.)
  • The Attorney General of the US, conspiring with the ATF in Operation Gun Runner/Fast and Furious to further restrict our 2nd Amendment rights.
  • The ATF funding studies, with your tax dollars, suggesting new regulations that would make shotguns illegal, and/or ban the importation of them.
  • The Federal Reserve conspires with the US Department of Treasury, to defraud US Taxpayer’s by sending majority of the Stimulus money to foreign banks.
  • Our elected officials have tried twice to legislate an internet “kill-switch” and/or comprehensive internet censorship.
  • A bill has just passed the House and the Senate that make protests anywhere near the presence of a designated government official a FELONY!
  • The US Senate and Congress passing the National Defense Authorization Act that has effectively removed due process and habeas corpus by allowing the US military to detain and/or kill US citizens.

Isn’t that at least half of the Bill of Rights under assault?

What else do you need to see…what further evidence do you need before you will admit the truth that our elected representatives are no longer in charge? Because we will never get to any real solutions until we can see and admit the truth.

Andy Andrews, author of How Do You Kill 11 Million People? says it more succinctly than most. He asks:

Have you ever contemplated the meaning that comes to light by inverting [the following] principle…“For you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. If it is correct that “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free, then is it possible that if you don’t know the truth, its absence can place you in bondage?”

If you have read your Orwell you know:

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength

It is apparent that America is in bondage to the lie that the people we have elected to conduct our affairs, in actuality, are mere figure heads at best. How now shall we proceed?

It is time to go beyond rallies and meetings. It is time for ALL liberty-minded groups to stop focusing on which federal candidate is the lesser of two evils, and to start focusing on strategies that will make North Carolina a sovereign state again.


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