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URGENT BREAKING NEWS: US Army Base Ft. Leonard Wood Confirms Internment Manual Is Legitimate

This story first broke last week on the Alex Jones Radio show. Gaspee thought it would be prudent to independently verify the authenticity of the manual. The cover page lists the U.S. Army Military Police School at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO as the official contact.

So I contacted the base personally and had several conversations with Tiffany Wood, Director of the Public Affairs Office at Fort Leonard Wood. When I first contacted her she was unaware of this document or the story of its release to the public. She said it would take some time to verify the document. Today, May 8th, Gaspee Gazette received this official e-mail response  from Fort Leonard Wood on the authenticity AND essence of FM 3-39.40 INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS MANUAL. USArmy-Internment Resettlement

Wood wrote,

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE

Mr. Thomas,
Here is the response from Fort Leonard Wood regarding your questions.
The document was not intended for public release. The document is intended for operations outside of the continental United States. Depending on the nature and magnitude of an event will determine the level of U.S. military involvement. Any other questions regarding the document, you will need to file a FOIA request.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you, Tiffany
Tiffany Wood, Director, Public Affairs Office Fort Leonard Wood, MO”

So now we know without question the manual itself is AUTHENTIC.

The bad news is what is contained in it.

Ms. Wood states in her email that the Manual is not intended for use within the continental US, however Paul Joseph Watson (click here to see) has done an excellent job scanning several parts of the document that make it VERY clear that deployment of this strategy in the US is at least being discussed within the Department of Defense.

Watson writes:
“The most alarming portion of the document appears on page 56 and makes it clear that detention camps will have PSYOP teams whose responsibility will be to use “indoctrination programs to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes,” as well as targeting “political activists” with such indoctrination programs to provide “understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.”

In this section you can see just how treacherous this document is! It even acknowledges that to use the military against US citizens is strictly forbidden according to the Posse Comitatus Act. But the author states that the Secretary of Defense (who lately told the US Senate that he gets his authority from the UN), a Congressional Act, or an Executive Order could be used to bypass Posse Comitatus.

And IF this document is exclusively for use OUTSIDE of the US why does it mention procedures that include identifying internees by their Social Security Numbers?

This Manual is over 300 pages and I have only read parts of it. But I have read enough to know this is the most serious and terrifying document I have ever personally read, and it was produced by the Government who supposedly works for me.

Do you think the author’s of this Manual believe that? Please send this post to every news agency, pastor, police officer, and sheriff you know, or Bill Ayers will get his wish.


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DOD Confims Russian Troops On US Soil in May

Update from yesterdays story. Is it just me, or do you think it is strange that this is not huge news? I searched for this story yesterday for an hour and the best main line media source I could find was Yahoo News Asia. Go New American. Think I will subscribe!



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Who in the world is Dr. Steve Pieczenik (pronouned Pa-chi-nik)?

Did you ever read any Tom Clancy books? Or maybe you saw Harrison Ford in the movies Clear and Present Danger or Patriot Games. There was a time when I would go into mourning because I would have 11 months to wait for Clancy’s next book to come out. The main character Jack Ryan, a brilliant analyst for the CIA, was tougher and smarter than Jack Bower ever was! I liked Ryan’s colleague and friend CIA operative “Clark” as well. Steve Pieczenik is the inspiration for BOTH characters!

Pieczenik is a 27 times New York Times Best selling author.

He received his Medical Degree from Cornell.  He has a Psychiatry degree from Harvard. And a PhD in political science from MIT.

Pieczenik served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and/or Senior Policy Planner, under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker. Which also means he has served under 5 different US Presidents dating back to Nixon.

He is a fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations.

He has not only had white papers published in scientific medical journals, but has also written medical textbooks.

Dr. Pieczenik was the principal International Crisis Manager and Hostage Negotiator under Secretaries Kissinger and Vance. During this time he developed conflict resolution techniques that were instrumental in saving over five hundred hostages in different terrorist episodes, including the Hanafi Moslem Seizure in Washington, DC, the TWA Croatian Hijacking, the Aldo Moro Kidnapping, the JRA Hijacking, the PLO Hijacking, and many other incidents involving terrorists such as Idi Amin, Muammar Quaddafi, Carlos, FARC, Abu Nidal and Saddam Hussein.

Dr. Pieczenik helped develop negotiation strategies for major U.S.- Soviet arms control summits under the Reagan administration. He was also involved in advising senior officials on important psycho-political dynamics and conflict mediation strategies for President Carter’s successful Camp David Peace Conference.

In 1991 Dr. Pieczenik was a chief architect of the Cambodian Peace Conference in Paris.

He is currently an advisor to the Department of Defense.

Dr. Pieczenik also was instrumental in the formation of The Delta Force.

Have you ever in your life heard a resume like that? Does that sound like someone who is likely to believes in UFO’s or Black Helicopters?

In a series of hard-hitting and quite honestly distressing, interviews on the Alex Jones radio show this week.  If his claims are true…it will test the very fabric our country is made of!

During the past week Dr. Pieczenik has boldly proclaimed that not only has Osama Bin Laden been dead for several years of kidney failure and/or Marfan’s Syndrome…but that he is ready and willing to testify before a grand jury that a high level United States General informed him 9/11 was a stand down/false flag operation and that Bush Jr, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice should all be tried for war crimes.

For fair balance here is an article from Forbes about the Pieczenik interviews. However, Forbes fails to list several important parts of his resume, AND they fail to report he actually went on Alex’s show in 2002 and made the same claims about Bin Laden’s death likely happening just before or just after 9/11.

What is a stand down/false flag? Here is an article by the New York Times concerning de-classified documents released by the NSA (National Security Agency) about the incident used to justify the US’s large-scale escalation into the Vietnam War, The Gulf of Tonkin Incident.  

“Historian Robert J. Hanyok wrote his top-secret assertions that NSA intelligence officers “deliberately skewed” the evidence passed on to policy makers and the public to falsely suggest that North Vietnamese ships had attacked American destroyers on Aug. 4, 1964.”

Two other historical events that have been interpreted as potential “false flag” events were when Nero blamed the burning of Rome on the Christians, and the subsequent intense persecution of Christians that followed. The explosion of the USS Maine being blamed on Spain, also launched the US into the Spanish-American War.

I have never believed any of the claims of the 9/11 conspiracies and I still do not. And let me be clear I am not asking you to either. However, it is fact that our intelligence community have used false flag events in the past to stoke the American patriotic fires and launch us into war before. And when a man with credentials such as Dr. Pieczenik says he is ready to testify before a grand jury that a top US General told him 9/11 was a false flag, and that he is concerned the potential for another one is high, I cannot imagine what he would stand to gain by making such a claim if he does not have the proof to back it up. I think we should encourage our elected officials to give him his wish and let him testify. He has everything to lose if he is lying, and it would also do irreparable damage to the credibility of show’s like that of Alex Jones, which I am sure would make many in Washington and the Media jump for joy. Either way, at a time when conspiracy theories are running rampant, to attempt to squash this story now will only cause it to go viral that much faster.


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