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I was invited to be a guest on the Vince Coakley show concerning Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. You can listen at the link below.



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Connectiong the Dots on Sustainable Development with Soverignty International

In my talk to the Shelby 912 Group some of you may remember the map of the US with all of the red areas? The red areas being places humans would not be allowed to live? That map was created by Geologist Dr. Michael Coffman

Geologist Dr. Micahel Coffman

 to prevent the Biodiversity treaty from passing the Senate in the mid 90’s. Dr Coffman is on the Board of Directors for Soverignty International. From my perspective, that raises the credibility of Soverignty International above reproach!  

Below are links to three Soverignty International videos that are a MUST watch for anyone wanting to understand the origins and purposes of Sustainable Development.  They only last about 20 minutes each, but they are HIGHLY informative about this wicked ideology based on Environmental and Social Justice, as well as, Wealth Re-Distribution. If you want to learn the history of this agenda in our country, and its beginnings in Europe, these videos will give you a wide foundation on which to start. I have linked to them in order below:

Connecting the Dots: Sustainable Development Part 1 Click here

Connecting the Dots: Sustainable Development Part 2 Click here

Connecting the Dots: Sustainable Development Part 3 Click here

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