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President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister will sign an agreement forming a “Perimeter” around North America

There is one sure way to solve the US debt crisis: Replace the Dollar with the Amero.

Source: National Post Dec 2010

“Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Obama will sign a deal next month that will form a “perimeter” around the North America that will allow people and goods to flow freely across the border.” http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada/Conservatives+announce+border+security+%20%20deal+with/3947584/story.html

For several years Lou Dobbs, a CNN anchor, covered the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Known as the SPP it was a security and trade agreement between President  Bush, Canada, and Mexico.  You can get a good history of Mr. Dobb’s coverage of it here.

Supposedly the SPP is no longer being pursued, yet when you visit the URL it is still active. http://spp.gov

But when the URL opens it is entitled Commerce Connect, and claims to be under the US Department of Commerce. Certainly if ending US sovereignty is the goal one necessary step would be elimination of the Dollar. And isn’t saying you are forming a perimeter around the North American continent “so that people and goods can move around freely”, what does that mean for those little squiggly lines on the current map that we old timers would call the US borders?

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