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Paul Wright Challenges Pat McCrory To A Debate: McCrory Declined

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GOP bill would halt fast

Please encourage Hager, Moore, Clary, Harrington etc to support this bill.

GOP bill would halt fast rail – Traffic –

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$461 million secured for N.C. hate to say I told you so…

Man the irony…our County Commissioners just approved a Comprehensive Transportation Plan that includes 60  miles of light rail around Cleveland County… but don’t worry they said “Most of these projects will NEVER be funded. But NCDOT will get your money from the feds to do it.

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ICLEI is using the University of North Carolina to promote themselves in Raleigh in May!

Cyrus Bhedwar-ICLEI Southeast Dir.-Atlanta


During my talk to the Shelby 912 Group I mentioned how the University of North Carolina  host’s an internet listserv called GreenGov which allows for an extraordinary level of coordination and communication for bureaucrats within the NC governmental system concerning sustainable development projects. The particular example I cited in my talk demonstrated how NCDENR was using the listserv to promote an EPA program.  

The example below clearly shows how ICLEI has now also been given access to the UNC ListServ to promote the fact they have been chosen by the Department of Energy to help NC communities go solar.

GREENGOV Digest for Friday, March 18, 2011.

Subject: WORKSHOP – Getting Started with Solar in Your Community”
From: “Cyrus Bhedwar”>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 13:10:03 -0400

Solar America Communities Workshop at SOLAR 2011

Register now for the Solar America Communities workshop at SOLAR 2011! The
free workshop, “Getting Started with Solar in Your Community,” will take
place from 8am-4pm on Tuesday, May 17th in Raleigh, NC.

The workshop will focus on important concepts related to residential and
commercial solar installations and how to create a local-level solar program
and install solar on municipal and other community facilities.  In the
afternoon, you will network with industry representatives to explore the
development of solar projects.

The workshop has four central objectives:

*  Develop a common vocabulary and understanding of solar technologies

*  Examine the benefits of and barriers to solar installations in local

*  Learn what steps a community can take to go solar

*  Find out where to go for more information on a range of topics, including
technologies, installation, and financing

To register for the free workshop, contact Anna Read at

Solar America Communities is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) program

designed to increase the use and integration of solar energy in communities
across the United States. The International City/County Management
Association and ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA were selected
by DOE to assist local governments throughout the U.S. implement best
practices and accelerate the adoption of solar energy.

For more information visit

It is also NOT a coincidence that Cyrus is involved…Gaspee reported months ago that Atlanta has been chosen as one of the 9 “beta” cities for the STAR guidelines to be implemented. And don’t forget, SEQL which Cleveland County and Shelby are members of, links to ICLEI on their website!  

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Global Governance will never happen here…right??

Freddie and Fannie (the Feds) currently own 96% of US residential mortgages, and the Feds own 30% of the land in the US.

I once again want to thank the Shelby 912 Tea Party for allowing me to present my research on how the Sustainable Development agenda has crept its way into Cleveland County. Below are a couple of clips from Glenn’s show from Aug of 2010. (Archives provided by The Daily Beck website,click here to visit) In these clips Glenn shows some very disturbing video clips from Hillary Clinton, Obama, Al Gore, the UN, Soros, Andy Stern, and others speaking about the need for a “New Global Governance”.  Approx 6 minutes into the first clip is where it gets really pertinent to the discussion we had last night.

More importantly than the Beck clips, please go down further in this post and read the introduction to the article by Soverignty International.  A huge shout out to Cheryl Pass, one of my fellow researchers and activists on local sustainability efforts from the Gastonia area for sending me this!

I have provided a link to the entire article after the introduction. Once you go to the article, down at the very bottom there is a link to Soverignty International’s website. It is packed with resources that I believe our Commissioners need to see. The article is a little long, and some may struggle to get through it, but I am here to tell you, Soverignty International has the “Consensus Process” nailed.

For those of my local readers in Cleveland County, throughout the article simply replace the terms NGO and Stakeholder Council with any of the following: Lake Norman RPO, Centralina Council of Governments, Sustainable Environment for Quality of Life (SEQL), or the Sustainable Communities Task Force created by Section 13.5 of SB 897.

The “Concensus Process” is what created Cleveland County’s current Land Use, and Comprehensive Transportation Plans.

Please consider joining me and other Tea Party Members at both the County School Board meetings, as well as the Commissioner meetings, and let’s begin devising a Transportation Plan that makes sence for Cleveland County.

The Consensus Process:

Developing an appropriate response

(from eco-logic, May/June, 1997)

In communities across America, “stakeholder” councils are being formed, or have already been formed, to advance Agenda 21 to transform cities and towns into “sustainable communities.” The “consensus process” is used to gain the appearance of public support for the principles of sustainability, applied to a particular community. The process is designed to take the public policy- making function away from elected officials and place it in the hands of professional bureaucrats, while giving the appearance of broad public input into the decision-making process.

Stakeholder councils are called by many names and are created for a variety of specific purposes. Whatever they are called, and whatever the stated purpose for which they are created, they all have several common characteristics, and all have a common objective: the implementation of some component of Agenda 21. To develop an effective local response, it is necessary to understand the objectives, the process, the techniques, and the players. While each community may experience a variety of different approaches, it is necessary to recognize the common principles that guide all such councils. (Click here to read full article.)

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Falls tries to end free commissioner health insurance, finds no support on county board | The Star Online : The Newspaper of Cleveland County

Falls tries to end free commissioner health insurance, finds no support on county board | motion, county, insurance – The Star Online : The Newspaper of Cleveland County.

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County Commissioners approve controversial transportation plan | The Star Online : The Newspaper of Cleveland County

County Commissioners approve controversial transportation plan | county, simple, controversial – The Star Online : The Newspaper of Cleveland County.

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