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Who is paying for Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 in North Carolina… YOU ARE!

Below is a quote from a United Nations document entitled “The Future We Want”, with a link to the UN website below so that you can read it for yourself.

“99. We call upon universities to become models of best practice and transformation by setting an example of sustainability of facilities on their campuses and teaching sustainable development as a module across all disciplines. In this way sustainable practices will become embedded in learning and action.”


This document was produced for the United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development.

If you have any doubts about how seriously the North Carolina government is about following the UN’s agenda, I would like to share an excerpt from an email update I received today from the University of North Carolina maintained “listserv” entitled GreenGov:

The School of Government’s Environmental Finance Center (EFC) will conduct a one-day course on “Financing and Implementing Energy Initiatives in Government and the Community” in Lake Junaluska (west of Asheville) on February 28, 2012.

The one day course focuses on the finance and policy challenges that arise when local governments consider implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements in government facilities and in the community at large.

Intended Audience: Sustainability Managers, Finance Directors, City and County Managers, Municipal and Cooperative Power Providers, Council/Commission/Board Members, and technical assistance providers.”

If you wonder how the Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 agenda continues to go forward…pat yourself on the back. Because YOUR STATE TAXES, and the tuition you pay to send your children to college, fund the UNC system. Below is a link to the UNC School of Government’s Environmental Finance Center.


Has anybody heard the song by Casting Crowns called, “While You Were Sleeping”?  Relevant in many ways!


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