North Carolina Benefit Corporations Act, (SB26) will allow Agenda 21 to progess in North Carolina.

Over the last year or so I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Mrs. Wynne Coleman. Wynne is a true patriot and is making a lot of progress towards educating the public on the dangers of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development in the Raleigh, NC area. As the daughter of a Brigadier General in the United States Army, she traveled extensively, then lived in New York City for 19 years before settling in Raleigh. She has degrees in piano performance and in the visual arts. She is an activist and researcher in support of the U.S. Constitution. She assists her husband in teaching a free 12-week Constitution course. Since 1992, she has been exposing the dangers of Agenda 21-Sustainable Development. She was appointed by the Wake County Commissioners to represent the Wake County Taxpayers Association on the Wake County Sustainability Task Force in 2010-2011.

Had it not been for Wynne and her excellent analysis of SB26 it would probably be law already in our state. Her analysis was so good she was able to have her article about SB26 published on one of the top 3 Agenda 21 national organizations, Freedom Advocates. Wynne states:

One of the goals of Agenda 21 is to create a system of corporations that partner with governments to achieve Sustainable Development objectives.”

And she could not be more correct. SB26 is that effort by the NCGA. Please take some time to read the article linked below from Freedom Advocates and learn how craftily Agenda 21 can be foisted upon us without ever being mentioned by name! In Wynne’s she linked to an actual copy of the bill so you can read it for yourself.

Wynne was also invited to be a guest on the Dr. Mike Beitler radio show “Free Markets”, to discuss Agenda 21 and SB26. The link below will allow you to listen to her on the show.

Thank you Wynne!

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One response to “North Carolina Benefit Corporations Act, (SB26) will allow Agenda 21 to progess in North Carolina.

  1. Wynne Coleman’s work is quite impressive. Thought you might be interested in knowing she has counterparts in Edmond, Oklahoma …. Attorney Don and his wife, Kay. In addition to his work as Attorney and lecturer on the Constitution & issues promulgated by Agenda 21/sustainability, etc., Don pens excellent opinion articles for the media. Here’s his website:

    Kudo’s to Wynne Coleman (and, of course, always to you, too, Neal.)

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