Indiana Supreme Court “Overrules” the 4th Amendment

See a story here from the Daily KOS which has the official court documents linked.


Have you heard of a “Delayed Notice Warrant”? They were revamped under the Patriot Act in order to fight “terrorism”.

The ABC affiliate in Albuquerque NM has the following story detailing how the number of these warrants are increasing, but not for fighting terrorism.
The warrants have always been around, but their use has spiked since the War on Terror and revamped Patriot Act was signed in 2005. The number of delayed-notice search warrants spiked nationally from nearly 700 in fiscal year 2007 to approaching close to 2,000 in 2009.  Upwards of 200 warrants and extensions approved during that same three-year stretch came out of the 10th Circuit Court, which covers a handful of states including New Mexico. The majority of those delayed search warrants aren’t even for terrorism-related cases. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s figures, the majority of the warrants are for drug cases.”Read more:
Looks like the 2nd Amendment is not the only one under attack.
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